You can make a difference

If you are faced with estate planning and tax issues, you may realize significant tax benefits and make a more substantial donation with a planned gift. This is a way for an individual or family to coordinate estate and tax planning with the benefits of a charitable gift.  Beyond a specific fund-raising event or annual cash donation, an investment in the Swan Valley Community Foundation provides resources for addressing community needs now and forever.

One can target a planned gift for a specific purpose and create a “legacy endowment” benefiting a cause or purpose of your choice in the Swan Valley or simply support the endowment. The Foundation can be creative and flexible in accommodating your needs as a donor. Planned gifts build the SVCF endowment, with the proceeds available for grants by the SVCF.

The Swan Valley Community Foundation endowment is a permanent pool of charitable capital. Our fully vested endowment is managed by the Montana Community Foundation (MCF).  The endowment grows through the generous gifts of donors and efforts of the SVCF in fundraising and seeking grants. Income from the endowment is reinvested or used to support community initiatives. Only the earnings, not the principal, are used to make charitable grants to non-profit organizations.

Planned gifts may include:

  • Cash or checks
  • Memorials
  • Bequests in a will
  • Life Insurance
  • Securities, stocks
  • Real Estate
  • Trusts
  • Annuities
  • IRAs
  • Bonds, CDs

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