The Upper Swan Valley

The Upper Swan Valley nestles between the Swan Mountain Range to the east and the Mission Mountains Range to the west. It is longer than wide, encompassing the headwaters of the Swan River  from the watershed divide at Summit to the State Forest Lands just south of the confluence of the Swan River and Goat Creek. Both world class scenery and wildlife abound making this valley  arguably one of the most spectacular places in Montana.

The small community of people that live here are just as talented, strong and as Garrison Keillor might say, “above average” as the landscape we inhabit. We take pride in our community, traditions and independence, in our wild lands and indeed in all aspects of life in the “valley.” We respect the traditions and  heritage that comes from the early homesteaders, loggers, and outfitters. We value the independence of our small business owners, log home builders, conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts, artists, craftsmen, and the families  choosing to live here. They all contribute to the culture of our valley and in the end, we are all people that love the “Swan.”  The Swan Valley Community Foundation is a natural out growth of that love.