Community Grant Applications

Grant applications are available to download from the Swan Valley Community Foundation web site: Grant Application

The Swan Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) Community Support Fund is a small grant program administered by SCVF. Its purpose is supporting eligible Swan Valley non-profit organizations and their efforts that benefit the Swan Valley Community. The SVCF Community Support Fund is funded in part through a grant from the William H. Donner Foundation Inc. and community gifts.

Eligible Applicants IRS designated charitable organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions.  If an applicant is not a designated charitable organization, government agency, or educational institution, it may be sponsored, in writing, by an eligible non-profit organization. The applicant must be located in and/or provide services directly benefiting the community of Condon and the Swan Valley.

There is $6000.00 available in the grant pool. Grant applications are competitive and may range from $500 minimum to a $1,500 maximum. Financial participation in the project by the applicant is encouraged but not required.

Funds may be requested for projects and endeavors that benefit the Swan Valley Community. This may include but is not limited to Community service or development projects that address one or more of the following: strengthening community connections, welcoming residents to rural living, celebrating the rich history, traditions, and rural culture of the Swan Valley and enhancing its ecological, financial, and economic stability. SVCF does not provide funds or grants for political purposes or for advocacy issues.

The Swan Valley Community Foundation Community Support Fund Grant applications are due by June 12th. Non-profits and groups serving the Swan Valley from Summit to Goat Creek are encouraged to apply. Grants will be awarded on June 27th at the SVCF 10 Year Anniversary Celebrating Community With a Dinner and Dance at the Hungry Bear.