Serving the community is our primary purpose…

The Swan Valley Community Foundation is building leadership funds and a permanent endowment. Through the leadership funds and the income from the endowed funds, the SVCF  provides financial resources for non-profit groups serving the Swan Valley from Summit to Goat Creek. Earnings from the permanent endowment and leadership funds stay in and are given back to the Swan Valley through an on-going grant-making process. Non-profit organizations apply through a carefully structured application process.

The community foundation provides Community Support Grants and Community Opportunity Grants to non-profits for:

  • Youth and education
  • Continuing and adult education
  • Recreation, arts and culture
  • Community and economic sustainability
  • Natural resources & wildlife
  • Conservation & environmental services
  • Health care and senior services
  • Local community council and planning
  • Historic preservation
  • Projects benefiting the community

If the residents and friends of this remarkable place contribute a portion of their assets to a permanent endowment or community leadership fund supporting charitable services and community projects, we can energize our community and ensure the future of our culture, landscape and way of life.  If you appreciate the quality of life in the Swan Valley, and want to help sustain the community, consider making a contribution to the Swan Valley Community Foundation. A donation to the leadership fund and/or a planned gift to the endowment will help secure the viability of both our remarkable community and beautiful landscape.

An investment in the Swan Valley Community Foundation helps our community maintain quality of life and secure our future. Your gift provides resources for addressing community needs now and forever. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations and gifts are tax deductible.